January 28, 2013

The Little Doctors


The Little Doctors got its start in 1996 when sixth-grade teacher Karen Brothers worked with her students to organize a blood drive. At a blood drive, people volunteer to donate their blood so it can be given to someone who needs it. At the first drive, student volunteers recruited more than 140 donors and the Little Doctors program was born.


Andrea Cefarelli works at New York Blood Center and helps organize the Little Doctors. She sat down with TFK to talk about the program and volunteers. “The kids were just amazing,” she told TFK. “They asked their parents, neighbors and teachers to give blood.” 


Jessica Mascolino ran her first blood drive when she was in third grade.  With Jessica’s help, more than 1,800 pints of healthy blood have been collected. Today, more than 300 schools in New York and New Jersey participate. Cefarelli, Jessica and others at the New York Blood Center are working to take the program to other states.  “It’s important to know that giving blood can save someone’s life,” Jessica, who is now 18, told TFK. (Reporting by Abby Lieberman/Videography and editing by Stephanie Kraus)

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