September 24, 2013

Making Foodimals

What do you get when you cross a taco with a crocodile? A tacodile, of course! If you see shrimpanzees swinging from trees and cheesespiders crawling underfoot, you must have entered the wacky world of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, in theaters September 27. At a press event for the film in California, TFK Kid Reporter Amelia Compton made foodimals inspired by the movie with the help of chef Michael Chiarello. Watch the pair make buffaloafs in the video above. Plus, keep watching to see Amelia interview Cloudy 2 characters Flint Lockwood and Barry through some movie magic.


For more on Cloudy 2, click here to read and watch interviews with the cast, and click here to read a Q&A with the directors.


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