July 22, 2011

Shaun of All Trades


It never seems to end for Shaun White. When the two-time Olympic gold medalist isn't speeding down a snowy mountain on his snowboard and performing high-flying tricks on the half-pipe, he's shredding up the concrete on his skateboard. Or he's getting his motorcycle license. Or he's testing out his new flavor of gum, Stride Whitemint. So, it's no surprise that he's been busy creating designs for his fashion collection with his older brother, Jesse, for Target.


TFK spoke to White during a recent visit to Target Studios in New York City to preview the 24-year-old star athlete's new line of accessories. White also gave us the scoop on his training schedule for Sunday's Dew Tour event in Ocean City, Maryland, and the X Games 17 next week in Los Angeles, California. Check out the video below for Part 1 of the interview. Tune in later this fall for Part 2. (Videography and Editing by Kelli Plasket)


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