November 10, 2011

Supporting Our Troops


Disney Channel stars China Anne McClain (A.N.T. Farm), and brothers Doug Brochu (So Random!) and Chris Brochu (Lemonade Mouth) left Hollywood and headed to Washington, D.C., this week. The actors, who are all part of military families, sat down with First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House to talk about the Joining Forces initiative. The national campaign, started by the First Lady and Dr. Jill Biden, strives to recognize, honor and support military families as they serve the country.


In celebration of Veteran’s Day on November 11, Disney Channel will air special segments featuring the three young stars, and Shake It Up’s Adam Irigoyen, as they share their personal experiences about having family members who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.


Watch their interview with the First Lady, above, and keep an eye out for the Joining Forces PSAs airing Friday on Disney Channel. For more on the campaign, visit (Video courtesy of Disney Channel)

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