January 15, 2013

TFK Visits MoMath


The Museum of Mathematics, nicknamed MoMath, is currently the only math museum in the United States. TFK got a sneak peak of the high-tech playground in December before the official opening in New York City. The museum is open to kids of all ages, but is mostly geared to fourth- eighth graders. MoMath’s mission? To develop stronger future mathematicians across the nation.  “We want to give people fun and hands-on ways to learn math concepts,” MoMath founder and mathematician Glen Whitney told TFK Kid Reporter Storm Bookhard. 


During the museum’s preview, TFK was guided on a tour by MoMath’s Cindy Lawrence who helped design the museum. Lawrence says the hands-on exhibits invite kids to play and learn math at the same time. “We think that math is beauty, and pattern and it can be engaging and fun and colorful. We want to show people that side of mathematics,” she told TFK. 


The MoMa museum is open 10-5pm every day of the week. Starting in March it will be open from 10-3pm. Watch Storm's video report above to learn more about the Museum of Mathematics. (Reporting by Storm Bookhard/ Videography and editing by Stephanie Kraus)

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