Kid Reporters

Meet the 2015-2016 Team

Check out our team of TFK Kid Reporters! This year’s TFK Kid Reporters were chosen from 300 applicants in a nationwide competition. After selecting 24 finalists to complete one final assignment, it was terribly hard to pick just 10. The kid reporters will do interviews and get the scoop on local and national news for TFK’s magazines and website. Learn more about them now by clicking on their profiles. Want to be a TFK Kid Reporter? Check in March 2015 for the announcement about the contest for the 2016-2017 school year.

Age 11
Cupertino, CA
Age 11
Oakton, VA
Age 9
Brooklyn, NY
Age 12
Cleveland Heights, OH
Age 12
Manhattan Beach, CA
Age 10
Trophy Club, TX
Age 11
La Mesa, CA
Age 12
Booneville, MS
Age 13
East Brunswick, NJ
Age 13
Glendale Heights, IL
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