At TIME for Kids, our priority is making sure we put authentic, rigorous journalism into the hands of students. We know how important it is for you to build a connection between your daily lessons and the world. We also know that it is really important that all students can access the reading. TIME for Kids engages your students with the following:

  • Informational texts:Developmentally appropriate news articles written by professional journalists provide students with the opportunity to analyze author’s craft and purpose, using content developed specifically for them
  • 21st-century reading:Support for blended classrooms with access to both digital and print articles
  • Accessibility supports:Digital tools provide scaffolds for special populations of students, including multiple reading levels, Spanish translations, and read-aloud functionality

Explore Our Digital Magazine

Throughout the school year, TIME for Kids will continue to expand the features and resources available in our digital edition, creating a robust suite of resources for students, teachers, and leaders. Check the site often, as we will provide continual updates on newly released features and how to use them.

To get started, explore how the digital magazine works for students.