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Welcome to Pakistan, a diverse land of soaring mountains, hot sand dunes, arid plateaus and fertile river valleys. The country has the world's sixth-largest population. More than 165 million residents call Pakistan "home."

Official name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan


Size: 310,400 square miles (803,940 square kilometers);  about twice the size of California


Population:  187,342,721 as of 2011


Capital: Islamabad


Official Language: Urdu and English


Currency: Pakistani rupee


Climate: Mostly hot and dry in the south; mild in the northwest; frigid in the mountains


Products: Cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruit, mutton, textiles and clothes, food, chemicals, paper products, fertilizer


Did you know?:


Eye-catching designs cover many Pakistani trucks and buses. The mobile art galleries attract passengers and customers.


Pakistan produces some of the world’s finest fabrics. Each region of the country has its own style of embroidery. Geometric shapes, landscapes and flowers are common patterns.


Some 70% of Pakistan’s population lives in rural areas.

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