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Welcome to Portugal! The country shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain in western Europe. The Atlantic Ocean borders Portugal on its western and southern sides. The sea has played a large role in Portugal’s history. In the 1400s and 1500s, the ­country’s explorers, including Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand ­Magellan, and Pedro Alvares Cabral, ­traveled the seas. The sea remains important. Portugal’s beaches attract many visitors. Fishing is still a vital industry. Come explore Portugal with TIME For Kids!

What do you know about Portugal? Get the facts on its land, culture and products.


Official name: Portuguese Republic


Location: Southwestern Europe


Size: 35,556 square miles (92,090 square kilometers); slightly smaller than Indiana


Population: 10,799,270 as of 2013


Capital: Lisbon


Official Language: Portuguese


Climate: Mild; cool and rainy in north; warmer and drier in south


Currency: Euro


Products: Olives, olive oil, fish, wine, grapes, barley, cheese, tomatoes; cork, wood products, ceramics

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