TFK Extra

Disney XD Star Wars Rebels

Join the Rebellion!

Springboard off the buzz around the Disney XD show Star Wars Rebels to get your students excited about exploration, teamwork, and science. Inside the program’s student guide you’ll discover classroom resources, such as a board game, a word scramble, and facts about the moon and lunar eclipses. Plus: Background about the Star Wars Rebels characters illustrates how teamwork can help students accomplish even the toughest missions. Download the student guide below.

TFK Extra : Join the Rebellion! Student Guide

DisneyXD Ultimate Spiderman

Every Great Story Starts with a Hero

TIME For Kids teamed up with the creators of DisneyXD's, Ultimate Spider-Man  to encourage kids to take the initiative and become everyday heroes.  This four page student magazine includes interesting tidbits about the creation and evolution of the Marvel Comics superhero character Spider-Man, as well as fun and interesting real-life arachnid facts.  Students are also encouraged to solve a challenging "Spider-Cycle" maze and uncover a mystery clue hidden within a "Spidey Search" puzzle.

TFK Extra : Every Great Story Starts with a Hero

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Discover Your Island of Ideas

TIME For Kids has partnered with the creators of the film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island to introduce creativity and imagination through the “Island of Ideas” program.  The Teacher’s Guide provides discussion starters, in-class activities and four reproducibles that will help lead students on a discovery adventure.  The poster front encourages students to solve mysterious clues that will lead them to the ultimate Mysterious X.  Students will enjoy uncovering the treasure trove of ideas that await them in this program.

Classroom Poster : Discover Your Island of Ideas 
Teachers Guide : The Island of Ideas Program
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