Kid Reporters

Kid Reporter - Max Siegel

Max Siegel

Brookline, MA


Favorite thing to do in free time: Have fun with friends and watch TV


Five things I can't live without: Food, water, my family, fun, and knowledge


My top three dream assignments or interviews: Steve Jobs (if he were alive), Barack Obama, and Pseudonymous Bosch


My most prized possession: My family


My proudest accomplishment: Winning a third-grade contest with my essay about President John F. Kennedy


Who I look up to: My dad


My favorite book is: The Secret Series, by Pseudonymous Bosch


My favorite book genre is: Fantasy


My favorite movie is: The Last Mimzy


My favorite sport or sports team is: Swimming


My favorite musician or musical group: Maroon 5


My pet peeve: When people say things that don’t make sense


One thing hardly anyone knows about me: I like to act.


Career goal: To become a world-famous chef

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