Kid Reporters

Kid Reporter - Raphael Chambers

Raphael Chambers

Reston, VA


Favorite thing to do in free time:  Think about alternate worlds I’ve created in my mind


Five things I can't live without:  My family, my friends, a clean environment, trips to France, and piano music


My top three dream assignments or interviews:  Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., Salman Rushdie, and Morgan Freeman


My most prized possession:  My maternal grandfather’s paintings


My proudest accomplishment:  Earning summa cum laude on the National Latin Exam


Who I look up to:  Anthony Skaff, a piano student a few years older than me


My favorite book is:  The Tripods series, by John Christopher


My favorite book genre is:  Steampunk


My favorite movie is:  Spirited Away


My favorite sport or sports team is:  Rafael Nadal


My favorite musician or musical group:  Angel Gil-Ordóñez and the PostClassical Ensemble


My pet peeve:  When people say “me” instead of “I”


One thing hardly anyone knows about me:  As a TIME For Kids Kid Reporter, I’ll be a sixth-generation journalist in my family, going back to my great-great-great-grandfather James S. Chambers, editor of the Philadelphia Ledger.


Career goal:  Lawyer, architect, scientist and journalist/writer.

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