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June 03, 2016

Three recently discovered planets around a very dim star may have all the right conditions for life

June 03, 2016

On Monday, astronauts entered the first-ever inflatable space habitat

May 27, 2016

Watch a video of lightning in slow motion

May 20, 2016

Kids learn about technology at Google’s annual youth event

May 16, 2016

Join TFK on May 31 for a special space chat with TIME editor-at-large Jeffrey Kluger

May 11, 2016

NASA announced that 1,284 planets have been discovered — including nine that look a lot like Earth

May 09, 2016

Mercury crosses in front of the sun today, an event that only happens about 13 times a century

May 06, 2016

A SpaceX rocket successfully touches down at sea

May 03, 2016

TFK visits the USA Science & Engineering Festival, in Washington, D.C.

April 15, 2016

TFK Kid Reporter Evelyn Burns reports on her experience at the sixth annual White House Science Fair


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