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TIME for Kids is committed to supporting educators and families around the world during this time. While we have completed our publishing schedule for the school year, we'll continue to provide archived and original stories and materials to support teachers and parents.

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Summer Content Series

    Camp TFK (Summer Bonus Issue)
    Since a lot of kids can't experience camp as usual this year, TFK is launching a free virtual summer camp. Throughout July, the team will create and curate a daily roundup of free, kid-safe content that parents can trust and kids can enjoy on their own, or with minimal oversight. This week's e-magazine previews week one of camp, and provides some kick-off activities! The activities are explained below. (view our e-reader or download a PDF) to learn more.

    • Article: “Getting to Know You” (pp. 4–5)
      Activity: Kids can answer some fun and silly questions as an “icebreaker” for the first day of camp. Then they can compare answers with a friend or family member.
    • Article: “Mad Libs: The Camp TFK Edition” (p. 6)
      Activity: A Mad Lib is a story with pieces that are intentionally left out. Kids create the story by filling in the blanks with the part of speech provided. To make it extra silly, kids shouldn’t read the story before filling in the missing pieces.


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