Dear TIME for Kids Community,

As you’ve probably noticed, TIME for Kids is undergoing an extensive redesign. This fall, we focused on making our magazine a resource that your students can use into adulthood. We mirrored our weekly print content to match TIME magazine’s look and feel, so your students still get exposure to authentic journalism in a way that is age-appropriate.

You will now see the following new sections in our print magazine:

  • The Brief: Short articles that provide insight into current national and world events, even when the news is difficult to discuss with students.
  • The View: Opinion pieces and debate prompts to encourage student discourse on a variety of relevant subjects.
  • Time Off: Educationally focused arts-and-entertainment coverage to keep the fun in learning.

We’ve been working to improve our website as well. Our initial improvements include student articles at a variety of reading levels and accessibility features such as read-alouds, Spanish translations, and Power Words. Click here to discover how to use our website today. If you’re not receiving updates directly in your inbox, please email us at We want to make sure we’re reaching you!

We know one of the things you’ve missed this fall has been a comprehensive quiz that assesses student comprehension for the magazine as a whole. In the next couple of weeks, we will be including additional reading comprehension questions as part of your print Teacher’s Guide. This will appear in reproducible form so you can easily distribute it to your students. We will continue to provide a cover-story quiz each week that is available online as a downloadable PDF.

In gratitude for your patience and understanding, we will be providing expanded teaching resources for test prep for you and your students. Look for these resources after the holidays.

As we continue to develop our product, our team would love to hear your feedback to make sure we incorporate all your teaching needs.

Go to to share your ideas and sign up to get alerts as we release new features.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 800-777-8600. Thank you for being a loyal member of our community.


April Croy, Academic Director, and Andrea Delbanco, Editorial Director.