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Immersing tomorrow’s leaders in conversations about today’s world, the way kids like to learn.

Built on the long legacy of TIME, TIME for Kids has been a trusted news source in schools for 25 years, providing educators with valuable resources for the classroom. Today, through print and digital content, we are equally committed to supporting in-person and virtual learning.

TIME for Kids builds the critical reading skills kids need to succeed in the information era. An annual subscription helps young readers better understand our complex world, and nurtures them to become informed, active citizens.

TIME for Kids reaches more than 2 million kids in homes and elementary school classrooms all over the world.

Five editions. Multiple Levels of Access.

Discover the TIME for Kids subscription in the right grade level for your students.

  • Edition K-1, 28 issues per year
  • Edition 3-4, 24 issues per year
  • Edition 2, 28 issues per year
  • Edition 5-6, 24 issues per year
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