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Age of Action


Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is a fantasy television show about a girl named Kipo. When the show began, Kipo was living underground, where it was safe for humans. In Season 1, Kipo travels to the surface in search of her missing father. There, she meets mutated creatures called “mutes.” The mutes look cute, but they’re actually dangerous animals. Eventually, Kipo finds her father—but he’s under mind control. That’s where Season 2 begins. The new season premiered June 12 on Netflix.

Karen Fukuhara plays Kipo. She says that in Season 2, we watch Kipo work through her problems with “poise and bravery.” Fukuhara feels the show is perfect for the present time, when there’s so much unrest in the world. “I think Kipo’s story is about not being fearful of failure but hoping for the best,” she told TIME for Kids.

A highlight of the new season is its soundtrack. “The music is really exciting,” Fukuhara says. “There’s a huge karaoke number. It’s really ear-catching music.”