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The Leader of the Flock


They’re as wild and funny as ever. But now, the Angry Birds have matured. The Angry Birds Movie 2 is inspired by the popular video game. In this sequel, Silver is new to the Bird Island flock, and she has taken over. She helps the birds strategize as they join forces with old enemies from Piggy Island to fight a common foe. But Silver’s smarts aren’t her only weapon. Her understanding heart also helps save the day.

Actress, writer, and comedian RACHEL BLOOM voices Silver in the film. She describes her character as an “engineering genius” who knows the importance of collaboration. “You have to get along with people for the greater good,” Bloom told TIME for Kids. “When the birds and the pigs start to get along, they realize they’re not so different after all.”

Bloom hopes the film will teach kids to work together. “Everyone can have great ideas and everyone can contribute something,” she says. “It’s not about your idea being used or not. It’s about what’s going to be best for all.”

The Angry Birds Movie 2 hit the big screen August 13.