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Artful Giving

ARMS OPEN WIDE Chelsea has big dreams to help everyone get access to art. CANDACE PHAIRE

Chelsea Phaire is trying to cheer up the world, one art kit at a time. The 10-year-old is the founder of Chelsea’s Charity. Its mission is to deliver art supplies to kids in all 5o states and, eventually, to kids in other countries. As of July 7, Chelsea’s Charity had given away nearly 3,000 kits.

Chelsea lives in Danbury, Connecticut. She was 8 when she decided she wanted to start the charity. “My mother and I had a conversation [about the fact] that not everyone had access to art,” Chelsea told TIME for Kids. “And that made me so sad.” But it took her parents some time to get on board with the idea. They wanted her to wait until she was a little older.

Finally, Chelsea was able to launch her charity last year. For her 10th birthday, she asked her friends to donate art supplies instead of giving her presents. Since then, Chelsea has saved money from her birthday and from helping out at her dad’s barbershop to buy art supplies for her charity. Sometimes, she even uses “money I called dibs on that I found in the couch!”

HARD AT WORK Chelsea and her family fill up the art kits themselves and deliver them by hand or by mail.


Chelsea has always had a passion for helping out. She loves knowing she’s giving back to her community. The art kits she puts together go to kids in homeless shelters and hospitals, and to children who’ve been affected by school shootings.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the charity has suffered financially. Chelsea says, “Instead of personally giving [art kits] out, we had to mail them,” which was expensive. But increased attention on her efforts has helped donations boom.

The Power of Art

Art is a significant part of Chelsea’s life. She says it has helped her through difficult times: “I use art to express myself and make me feel better when tough things happen.” This is why she feels it’s so important to make sure everyone has access to art.

Art is also a great way to release emotions, Chelsea says. “If everyone knows how to channel their negative emotions and thoughts into art, then we can prevent the next big disaster and we could solve world peace,” she adds. “You never know unless you try.”