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Back-to-School Gear Guide


Back-to-school season means new gear to get you through the year. Here’s a collection of new products that will make heading to class a little more enjoyable.

Totally Middle School

A new school year can be scary. Totally Middle School: Tales of Friends, Family, and Fitting In, edited by Betsy Groban, lets you know you’re not alone. The book features 11 short works by popular authors. Some are stories. Some are poems. There is even a mini graphic novel. All are about the challenges and rewards that come with starting fresh at school.

SCHOOL STORIES Totally Middle School features short works about middle school from 11 authors.


Locker Boards

Locker Boards are built for kids who skate to class. They’re made from recycled skateboards. Carson Kropfl was 11 when he designed the first Locker Board. He wanted to fit his skateboard into his locker or backpack. He built it in his backyard workshop. The business took off after he and his invention appeared on the television show Shark Tank, where billionaire businessman Richard Branson became an investor.

ON DECK Locker Boards are compact skateboards that fit in a locker or backpack.


Five Star Three-Inch Binder with Removable Padded Case

Five Star’s newest binder has an expandable file for organizing papers. There’s also a padded pouch for tablets or small laptops. It can even be carried as a messenger-bag style. That means it might be all you need when you hop on the bus in the morning.

TAKE NOTE Five Star’s newest binder can be carried like a messenger bag.


Archi-Tech Electronic Smart House

The Electronic Smart House from SmartLab Toys is part toy, part science experiment. Some high-tech homes have smart technology, or devices that can communicate with one another. With this kit, you can build your own model smart house, using real electronic circuitry.

BETTER BUILDING The Archi-Tech Electronic Smart House lets you build your own smart house, and learn all about construction and electronics along the way.