Brave New Girl

September 14, 2018

Adventure awaits on the new Netflix animated series Hilda. Hilda is a girl with blue hair who loves to explore. She lives in the wilderness with her mom and a creature called a deer fox, named Twig. Her neighbors are rock-throwing elves. Hilda loves her valley, but a move to the big city will soon mean big changes. Will she find new friends? Will she be homesick? The show is based on a series of graphic novels by Luke Pearson. It premieres September 21.

BELLA RAMSEY voices Hilda. “I like Hilda’s personality a lot: I think she’s great and unique, as well as being really relatable,” Bella told TIME for Kids. She describes Hilda as brave, daring, and independent. In fact, Bella says she and Hilda have many things in common. For one, both like adventures with a little bit of danger. “Like, if I lose a ball in the river, I’ll jump down to the banks to get it rather than choose the safer option of finding a net to get it out with,” she says. (Readers: Don’t try this at home!) “Hilda doesn’t care about messing up her hair, which is just like me.”