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Acting 101


Shai and Emmie Star in Break an Egg! is the first book in a new series written by actress and author QUVENZHANÉ WALLIS. The tale about friendship and growth follows Shaianne “Shai” Williams, a young actor who attends a performing arts school. Shai is dedicated to perfecting her craft as an actor but stumbles into a challenge when a new student, Gabby, enters her class. Shai’s teachers ask her to help Gabby, who lands the lead role in the big school play. It’s not an easy task for Shai, but with encouragement from her family and her best friend, Emmie, she decides to make the most of a tough situation. Wallis hopes readers will relate to the story. “I think [kids] are going to have fun reading it,” Wallis told TFK. “They’re going to enjoy the lessons and everyone in the book.”