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Bringing History to Life

Kirrilee Berger (center) joins an ensemble cast in a new sketch-comedy series on Netflix: The Who Was? Show. COURTESY NETFLIX

Who was Albert Einstein? Or Amelia Earhart? What about Joan of Arc? You can learn all about these and other historical figures in a new series on Netflix: The Who Was? Show.

The sketch-comedy series premieres on May 11. It’s based on the popular Who Was? book series, which tells the stories of influential people from history. The TV show follows that lead. It features information about legendary figures in politics, science, sports, and the arts.

But don’t expect this to feel like homework. Each episode includes singing, dancing, animation, and comedy skits. The cast is a crew of fun-loving teens, along with one goofy grown-up.

“We do stuff like tell the story of Queen Elizabeth in a rap tune,” says cast member Kirrilee Berger, 18. “What’s so fantastic about the show is that you’re laughing, you’re singing a song, and then you realize that you’ve just learned a ton of information about these amazing people who shaped our society.”