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Do We Still Need Daylight Saving Time?


In the United States, we observe daylight saving time every year between March and November. In the spring, we set clocks forward one hour. This gives us an extra hour of daylight every day. In the fall, we set clocks back one hour and return to standard time. This fall, November 4 was the day to reset clocks.

Many people think daylight saving time is unnecessary. Arizona and Hawaii do not observe it. California and Florida would like to do away with time changes completely. Do we still need daylight saving time? Here, two TFK readers tell us what they think.


by Aaron Lopez-Martinez, 11

Yakima, Washington


The main purpose of daylight saving time is to help us make better use of daylight. We do this by changing the clocks in the spring to move an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening. Even though a 2014 study said daylight saving time can put adults at risk for certain health problems, having more light in the evening does have health benefits. For one thing, it lets kids and grown-ups be more active outside after school or work. This means they get more exercise. Daylight saving time also saves energy. With more daylight hours, we use less electricity. Lastly, daylight saving time is good for the economy. Longer evenings encourage people to do more shopping. I think we should keep daylight saving time.


By Aayushi Kothari, 10

Foster City, California


Daylight saving time messes with our routine. Changing the clocks by an hour, we get more sunshine in the evening in summer, but we sacrifice it in the morning. When daylight saving time was adopted by several countries during World War I, it was meant to cut down on the use of artificial light. But now, all it does is deprive us of sleep. My family always has to turn back all the clocks in our house—and in the car! There’s always one forgotten clock that keeps me confused for a week. People have mixed feelings about daylight saving time. Some find it necessary, some think it’s a pain. Daylight saving time is something that started for a different reason from how it’s used today. I think we don’t need it anymore.

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