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Rebel Reading

Dear Rebel gathers advice from more than 145 women who’ve taken different paths to success. They share their stories and advice to inspire kids everywhere. Read excerpts of letters from neuroscientist Friederike Fabritius, inventor Andini Makosinski, and guitarist Berta Rojas. What inspires you? —By Cristina Fernandez

Go With the Flow

When you put fun, fear, and focus together, something magical happens. You enter what’s called the flow state. Think about a time when you got totally involved in one of your hobbies. Maybe you were out playing soccer for so long that you forgot it was time for dinner, or you got so absorbed in a book that it was dark outside when you finally looked up. These are examples of the flow state, an ideal situation for learning and achieving. In the flow state, you get so wrapped up in an activity that everything else falls away. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. —By Friederike Fabritius

Explore Your Interests

I’m an inventor, a writer, a speaker, and an aspiring filmmaker. I have interests in both the sciences and the arts, so you could call me a Renaissance Rebel. That means someone who decided to persue all their different interests and talents. . . .

Many adults grow up and leave behind the interests they had when they were your age, believing that they were just playful, silly hobbies and nothing more. Personally, I think you should never give up on all your different interests! Growing all of them while you’re young can result in some unique combinations and inventions when you’re older. —By Andini Makosinski

Believe in Your Song

While I was a guitar student, my family encouraged music and celebrated my achievements. . . . However, everything changed when I told my parents that I was going to take up the guitar full-time. The news did not make them happy. . . . It is here where being a Rebel Girl helps a lot. When you make a decision from a deep conviction, the doors open and a domino effect begins: Piece after piece of the fine web of life comes together to write your own story. I can’t guarantee that it will be like that for you. I can only tell you that it was like that for me. The greatest gesture of rebellion was to listen to myself. —By Berta Rojas