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Explore with Your Ears


How does a new ingredient stop ice cream from melting? How should you talk to a dog? Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas explore the answers to these and other questions on Wow in the World. It’s a science and technology podcast for kids that airs on National Public Radio.

Raz told TIME for Kids that he and Thomas started Wow in the World because they “wanted to engage kids with their ears.” Over time, the duo began to craft fictional story lines as a way to explore science and technology. The two include made-up characters, such as Reggie the pigeon, in their stories. “These characters trigger kids’ imaginations,” Thomas says.

How do the cohosts decide what topics to address? “We follow our curiosity,” Raz says.

He and Thomas also discuss new research from scientific journals. They do so in a way that’s easy to understand. Which episodes have been most popular? “Anything involving animals!” says Thomas.