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A Family Affair


Young readers have enjoyed Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit books for more than 100 years. Now the tales are getting a modern twist. Peter Rabbit, the movie, hits the big screen February 9. MARGOT ROBBIE voices the role of Flopsy, one of Peter’s younger triplet sisters. “She kind of has middle child syndrome,” Robbie told TFK.

Margot Robbie voices Flopsy in Peter Rabbit.


Robbie can relate. As the third-born child in a family of four, she sees similarities between herself and Flopsy. “There was always a lot of mayhem mayhem CHRIS MCGRATH/GETTY IMAGES disorder; chaos or confusion (noun) After the football game, the parking lot was mayhem. in my house,” Robbie says. “I can see myself and my brothers and sisters in this little group of rabbits.”

In the film, the bunnies hop from one adventure to the next. They scurry scurry CORINNE LAMONTAGNE/GETTY IMAGES to move quickly (verb) We watched the squirrel scurry from tree to tree, gathering nuts. into a forbidden forbidden KATIE_MARTYNOVA/GETTY IMAGES not allowed (adjective) Chocolate is a forbidden food for dogs, because eating it could make them sick. garden and party in an empty house. They also spend time plotting how to get out of trouble.

“Enjoy living with your siblings while you can,” Robbie says, “because one day you’ll grow up, and you’ll really miss all the fun you had together.”