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From Our Readers...

Write to us at to share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on any topic. You might just see your words in a future issue. Throughout January, we’ll be sharing notes from kids about their heroes. Read some below.

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From Jocelyn McCarthy, 10, in Parker, Colorado:

Grocery store workers provide food and are always making sure we have enough. They have been trying their best to help us stay safe and make it through this pandemic. Every time I go to the store, I see how hard they work.

From Paris Mack, 10, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania :

I have two cousins who are in the armed forces. I feel very nervous when they are gone, but happy because they always bring gifts when they return. I am proud to have two heroes in my family to look up to.

From Logan Lai, 9, in Castro Valley, California:

My mom has to teach in outdoor classrooms and sometimes over Zoom. She has to get to school to set up even earlier than before. I think it’s hard to teach kids in the cold, and to remind kids about keeping a safe distance, sanitizing hands, and wearing masks.

TFK Kid Reporters Victoria Hanson and Jeremy Liew contributed reporting.