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Go with the Flow

READY TO ROLL Cast members of Just Roll with It interact with the live studio audience during a show. DISNEY CHANNEL/ERIC MCCANDLESS

Just Roll with It is a comedy series with a twist. This unique new sitcom lets the live studio audience steer the story line—as the show is being taped. At several points in each episode, the show stops. The actors are sent backstage. The audience then votes on what should happen next. When the actors return, they must improvise their reactions to the audience’s choices. That means the actors are making up their lines as they go along.

SEEING STARS TFK Kid Reporter Alana Cho (right) spoke with Just Roll with It stars Ramon Reed and Kaylin Hayman.


The show stars Ramon Reed, 13, and Kaylin Hayman, 11. They talked to TFK Kid Reporter Alana Cho about improvising. “One thing that I’ve learned is to build one brick at a time,” Ramon says. “You don’t need to build a whole house. You can constantly add more layers to the story that you are trying to tell while improvising.” Kaylin says it’s important to “go with your gut and trust your cast members.”

Just Roll with It officially premieres June 19 on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW.