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Jungle Adventure


Dora the Explorer isn’t just a cartoon anymore. It’s now a live-action adventure movie. In Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Dora lives in the jungle with her mom and dad. When her parents go searching for a lost Incan city, Dora goes to Los Angeles to live with her cousin Diego. But soon, Dora, Diego, and their classmates get kidnapped and sent to the jungle. Everyone is relying on Dora to find the way back to Los Angeles.

JEFFREY WAHLBERG plays Diego. “He fell victim to high school,” Wahlberg told TIME for Kids. “He’s a Mr. Cool wannabe.” Dora, on the other hand, makes everyone feel comfortable. “She helps everyone get in touch with who they really are,” Wahlberg says.

Wahlberg is a longtime fan of Dora the Explorer. “My twin sister and I watched Dora [on TV] every morning from ages 4 to 7,” he says. “Growing up with a Dominican mom and an American dad, it was encouraged. [The show] blends those two cultures together.”