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The Kid Report: Life on Mars

Evidence gathered by NASA’s Curiosity rover suggests there may have been life on the Red Planet. You can read about Curiosity's discoveries in the story “Life on Mars,” in this week’s issue of TIME for Kids. Nevaeh Abney recently had an opportunity to talk with NASA scientists about the Mars rover missions and writes about her experience below.

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School isn’t always easy. But I know if I try my best to do something and don’t give up, I will get it. That’s called perseverance. I go to Madison Elementary in Massena, New York. We learned about NASA’s Mars missions. NASA has two active rovers on Mars: Curiosity and Perseverance. Recently, I won NASA’s You’ve Got Perseverance award. The Perseverance rover sent me a message from Mars! I was so happy! I got to talk with people on the Perseverance team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, in California. They told me about the rover’s many different parts. Perseverance wouldn’t be on Mars today if the team hadn’t worked hard and persevered for many years. One day, I’m going to be an astronaut on a team living and working on Mars. How cool will that be? —By Nevaeh Abney, 12