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The Kid Report: No Artist Required

The artificial intelligence (AI) program Midjourney searches through images on the Internet, and finds patterns in those images to create new ones. But AI programs like this one could be using artwork without the artists’ permission. You can read about a children’s book that was created this way, in “No Artist Required,” in this week’s TIME for Kids. Here, Kid Reporter Audrey Kim argues that schools should teach kids how to use AI wisely.

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Artificial intelligence is getting more intelligent every day. It is already helping us in our daily lives. For a science fair, I built an AI camera. It can detect threats to beehives, such as hornets, wasps, bears, and skunks. It can live stream a video to your phone. This could boost and stabilize bee populations. Other AI cameras can detect early signs of cancer. And there are many other ways the technology could be useful. That’s why schools should educate students on the uses of AI. As the technology advances, it could cause problems. So we need to know how to use it wisely. If we embrace AI now, future generations will be able to live with it in harmony.