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Lunar New Year

INDONESIA In Surakarta, families enjoy the city center’s annual display of red lanterns and bright lights. BRAM SELO/XINHUA—GETTY IMAGES

Billions of people have begun a 15-day celebration of the Lunar New Year. Red paper cuttings, lanterns, and banners adorn homes and businesses. Fireworks sparkle in the sky.

CHINA Fireworks light up the night sky over a temple in Luoyang on February 10.


The Lunar New Year marks the arrival of spring. This year’s celebration began on February 10. It kicked off the Year of the Dragon. A dragon has special significance in China. It’s the only mythical animal of the Chinese zodiac. The creature symbolizes luck, strength, ambition, and charm.

SOUTH AFRICA People gather to mark the new year at a temple in Bronkhorstspruit. They wear traditional outfits, pray, and enjoy a traditional dance. Participants performed with a large dragon puppet.


Lunar New Year isn’t celebrated only in China. It’s celebrated globally. These pictures show festivities in different places around the world. How has your community marked the occasion?