Meet the Neighbors

October 4, 2019

The Addams family aren’t your average next-door neighbors. They love all things weird and spooky. Inside their mansion, it’s like Halloween all year round.

Now the iconic creepy family is back on the big screen. The Addams Family, in theaters October 11, is the first animated movie about the kooky clan. It follows them as they navigate life in the 21st century. Things get even more interesting when they move to a picture-perfect suburb in New Jersey. Their new neighbors aren’t happy about the Addams family’s frightening haunted house and unconventional way of life.

Elsie Fisher voices Parker, who lives in the neighborhood with her mom. Elsie told TIME for Kids that, unlike the unusual Addams kids, Parker is a typical teen. “She is dealing with the ups and downs of teenage life, and is really in need of a friend,” Elsie says. “It’s awesome to watch her grow and change.”

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