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A New Nancy


Nancy Drew is back! The fictional teen detective began following leads, uncovering evidence, and chasing down suspects in 1930. Now the classic book series has been remade with a modern twist. In the new movie Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, Nancy trades her preppy dresses and blue car for ripped jeans­ and a skateboard.

The film follows Nancy and her friends as they search for the truth behind a haunted house. Seventeen-year-old SOPHIA LILLIS (pictured, second from right) stars as Nancy. “I’ve always wished to be more like Nancy Drew,” Sophia told TIME for Kids. “She’s a really fun person to be. She goes about her life without caring what other people think.”

The movie’s tomboy take on Nancy Drew isn’t the only thing that has changed since the 1930s. “In the books, Nancy is kind of independent, and she does things on her own,” Sophia says. “But in the film, you see her learning how to talk to her friends and her family for support.” The movie is in theaters now.