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New Toy in Town


Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang are back, in Toy Story 4, which hits theaters June 21. The toys love spending time with their new owner, Bonnie. But Bonnie’s starting kindergarten soon, and she’s nervous. To comfort herself, Bonnie glues googly eyes on a plastic spork and gives her creation a name: Forky. Bonnie’s love for Forky brings the homemade toy to life.

Actor TONY HALE voices Forky. “Forky has a really childlike sensibility,” Hale told TIME for Kids. “He is curious and asks a lot of questions.”

Woody believes a toy’s purpose is to make its owner happy. And he knows how important Forky is to Bonnie. So he makes it his mission to ensure the new toy stays by her side. But this proves tricky. On a road trip with Bonnie and her family, Forky goes missing.

While tracking down Forky, Woody has many adventures. He meets new toys—some friendly, some evil. He reunites with a beloved friend, Bo Peep. Most important, he discovers that there might be more to a toy’s purpose than he thought.