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Out of the Wild


The One and Only Ivan is about Ivan, of course: a 400-pound silverback gorilla. Ivan lives in a shopping mall with a crew of other animals. There’s Stella the elephant, Bob the dog, Frankie the seal, Murphy the rabbit, and Henrietta the chicken. Together, they’re forced to perform for an audience. They do tricks and show off their talents. Ivan paints pictures that are sold by the man who runs the show.

Ivan didn’t always live at the shopping mall. He doesn’t remember much about his life before captivity, but when a young elephant named Ruby arrives at the mall, Ivan’s memories of life in the jungle return. He realizes he must do whatever it takes to regain his freedom.

Ariana Greenblatt plays Julia, Ivan’s best human friend. Ariana told TIME for Kids that, like Julia, she’s an animal lover. She hopes the film inspires viewers to care about other creatures. “Treat animals how you want to be treated,” she says.

Disney+ released the new movie on August 21.