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Paralympic Games

RAISE THE FLAG Flag bearers lead Team U.S.A. at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Paralympic Games on August 24. BUDA MENDES—GETTY IMAGES

The 16th Summer Paralympic Games kicked off in Tokyo, Japan, on August 24. More than 4,000 athletes with a disability gathered from around the world to compete.

This year’s Games feature 539 events across 22 sports. These include table tennis, swimming, and wheelchair basketball. For the first time, badminton and tae kwon do are part of the Paralympics. Competitors this year include a six-member refugee team. It’s made up of athletes who have fled their countries because of war or persecution.

“Difference is a strength, not a weakness,” Andrew Parsons says. He’s president of the International Paralympic Committee. “It is up to each and every one of us to play our part, every day, to make for a more inclusive society.”

The Games will continue through September 5.