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Ready to Experiment?


The first episode of Emily’s Wonder Lab, on Netflix, is about things that glow. In an experiment, host Emily Calandrelli teaches a group of kids how to make fluorescent paint. “Oh, no, no! I put too much [cornstarch] in,” one of them exclaims. “Don’t worry about it,” Calandrelli tells him. “Remember, science is all about trial and error.”

Calandrelli wants kids to know that failure is an important part of the scientific process. “Failure is not a bad thing,” she told TIME for Kids. “It’s okay to mess up, because that means you’re learning something. And the whole point of science is to learn something.”

Calandrelli has four degrees in science and engineering. On her show, she shares her love of science with kids. Together, they conduct experiments and do activities. In one episode, they run across a pool of a gooey material called oobleck. In another, they create rainbow explosions. “Science is how we understand how the universe works,” Calandrelli says. “It’s like magic that you get to understand.”