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Recipe for Fun


JAMES PATTERSON is a best-selling writer. He’s the author of the Max Einstein series, the Dog Diaries series, and many other books, for both children and adults. Now, Patterson’s on a mission to bring learning to the small screen. That’s why he created the TV show Kid Stew.

Kid Stew stars nine kids and one dog, Ozzie. Together, they delve into a variety of topics. They interview authors, host newscasts, and review children’s books. They also visit experts to learn about science and perform skits about historical figures. In one episode, the kids learn about the Wright brothers, the inventors of the first successful airplane. In another, they visit NASA to learn about spacewalks.

Patterson told TIME for Kids he wants kids to see that “learning can be joyful and entertaining.” But his favorite thing about the show? “It’s funny!”

You can watch the new season of Kid Stew online or on your local public television station.