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A Rover's Journey


Good Night Oppy is a feel-good film. It follows NASA’s Opportunity rover as the device explores Mars. The rover launched in 2003. Its mission was to look for clues that there was once water on the Red Planet. That would mean Mars was able to support life. Oppy was expected to spend 90 days on Mars. It was there for nearly 15 years. It sent back information that deepened our understanding of the planet. “We did so much more than we ever thought we could,” Ashley Stroupe told TIME for Kids. She’s a robotics engineer who worked on the rover.

Director Ryan White wanted the film to celebrate the engineers, programmers, and scientists who made Oppy’s mission a success. He calls the effort “a great example of people from all different backgrounds, all over the world, with different skill sets, coming together to do something great for humanity.”

Good Night Oppy is streaming on Amazon Prime. 

GREETINGS FROM EARTH TFK Kid Reporter Aiden An meets director Ryan White and producer Jessica Hargrave, in Los Angeles, California.