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Kid of the Week: Milaan Seeliger

Milaan (center), 13, California. Milaan and his brothers, including Jaiden Seeliger (left) and Keanu Seeliger (right), give tech and tutoring to seniors. COURTESY DYLAN PATEL

You started Tech Angels with your brothers. Tell me about it.

We help elders in nursing homes. We give them devices, so they can connect to their loved ones or play games or do anything they want.

How did you get started?

Tech Angels started with our 97-year-old great-grandma. She was in a nursing home in New Jersey. We could connect with her by phone. But then we thought of all the people who probably didn’t have [or know how to use] a phone. If we gave them a phone, it would make them much happier. They’d have a way of connecting to people.

What kinds of reactions do the seniors have?

A mix of surprise and excitement. Surprise, because they would never think some 13- and 14-year-old boys would come and help them. And excitement, for being able to talk to their grandchildren or great-grandchildren. It makes them so happy.