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A Sticky Situation

IN DEMAND Maple syrup has been selling like hotcakes during the pandemic. Suppliers are trying to keep up. JAMES MACDONALD—BLOOMBERG/GETTY IMAGES

The province of Quebec, in Canada, typically produces 70% of the world’s maple syrup. This year, the harvest fell short. So in November, Quebec Maple Syrup Producers announced they would release 50 million pounds of the sweet stuff from their reserves. That’s half of what the group kept on hand to control supply.

In 2021, global demand for syrup increased by 21% from the previous year. “The pandemic helped, in our case, because we’re seeing people cook more at home,’’ spokesperson Hélène Normandin told Bloomberg.

There are 50 million taps in Quebec. They drain sap from maple trees. That sap is used to make syrup. The plan is to add 7 million taps over the next few years. “We need to produce more maple syrup,” Normandin says.