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Strange Sightings

SPACE STUDIES NASA has facilities all over the United States. This one is the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida. NASA recently announced a plan to study UFOs. BEN SMEGELSPY—NASA

NASA announced a new study on June 9 that will focus on UFOs. A UFO is an unidentified flying object. Throughout history, people have reported unexplained objects in the sky. NASA also calls these sightings UAPs, which stands for “unidentified aerial phenomena.” The space agency will gather data on these sightings and try to explain their causes.

“We have to approach all these questions with a sense of humility,” David Spergel said at a news conference. Spergel is an astrophysicist and the researcher who will lead the study. “We don’t know what makes up 95% of the universe. So there are things we don’t understand.”

The study will begin this fall and last for nine months. Spergel expects that many explanations will be found.