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TFK Goes to Comic Con

READY TO REPORT TFK Kid Reporter Lucy Sandor spoke with New York Comic Con attendees. COURTESY THERESA HUNT

Earlier this month, Pikachu and Captain Marvel posed for a picture. It wasn’t a Halloween party. It was New York Comic Con! The four-day event kicked off at the Javits Center, in New York City, on October 7.

Comic conventions take place all across the country. People from different fandoms come together to celebrate what they love. They learn about new releases. They meet actors, authors, and illustrators.

Some dress up as a favorite character. This is known as cosplay. Erica Otero, who has attended eight New York Comic Cons, says meeting friends to cosplay with is the best part. “I’m big into sewing and making foam props,” she told TIME for Kids. “It’s an outlet for me to express myself.”