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TFK Reads: Dragon Pearl


Dragon Pearl, by Yoon Ha Lee, is a science-fiction adventure inspired by Korean folklore. The story is filled with shape-shifting spirits, goblins, and mystical objects.

Dragon Pearl is one of TFK’s 10 recommended reads this summer. After we made our picks, we handed them off to our team of TFK Kid Reporters to get their take. Here, TFK Kid Reporter Ishaan Bhattacharya shares his review.

We’ll be posting reviews each Tuesday, all summer long. Check back next week to read about The Last Last-Day-of-Summer, by Lamar Giles.

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Min lives on the lonely planet Jinju. She longs to travel the Thousand Worlds to visit her brother Jun, a member of the Space Forces. One day, Min’s family learns that Jun has gone rogue, deserting his squadron to search for the most mystical and legendary artifact in the Thousand Worlds: the Dragon Pearl.

Min sets out to look for her brother. She encounters allies and enemies. Min is cunning, determined, and prepared to do whatever it takes to rescue Jun.

Dragon Pearl is a fast-paced story that is full of surprises. I enjoyed the themes of Korean folklore, which helped me discover a new culture. I also appreciated the detailed descriptions. They allowed me to visualize beautiful scenery, adventure, and more.

Everyone who enjoys the Harry Potter or Percy Jackson & the Olympians books will enjoy this exciting novel about courage, mythology, and perseverance.