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TFK Reads: Far Away


Far Away, by Lisa Graff, is a novel that explores the lines between real life and fantasy and truth and falsehood.

The book is one of TFK’s 10 recommended reads this summer. After we chose our picks, we handed them off to our team of TFK Kid Reporters to get their takes. Here, Josh Lee shares his review.

This is the tenth and final review in the series. We hope you had a wonderful summer vacation, filled with great books! Check back in with us in November to get our recommended reads for winter.

Line Break

CJ Ames lives with her Aunt Nic, who has the Gift—the ability to speak to the spirits of people who have died. CJ uses the Gift to talk to her mother, who died hours after CJ was born.

But when a spirit goes Far Away, Aunt Nic is unable to make contact without a tether. That’s an object treasured by the person during his or her life. When CJ’s mother goes Far Away, her daughter begins a journey to find the tether that can help them stay connected. Along the way, CJ discovers some important truths about her own life.

The characters in this book are pretty believable. You can relate to each one’s emotions and struggles, such as the person who suffers from anxiety and has a hard time at school.

Overall, Far Away is a very good story. Anyone who appreciates an intriguing and emotional read that also has a unique plot twist would enjoy this book.