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This Week in TFK History: Antibullying

Time flies! The first issue of TIME for Kids was published in September 1995. That means TFK is turning 25. To honor our 25th anniversary, we’re pulling TFK stories from the archives and highlighting them in this space. Each archival issue relates to something in the news today. We hope these stories provide background for the things you’ll read about.

Line Break

For this week’s science story, TIME for Kids spoke with 9-year-old Kushagra Kumar. He’s taking part in a new program at his school called Learn Kind. It encourages students to explore kindness through the lens of science. Kids evaluate how doing good deeds makes them feel. For Kushagra, acts of kindness bring joy.

TFK has always cared about kindness. In our October 27, 2000, issue, we wrote about schools that were creating antibullying programs and interviewed students who were a part of them. One told TFK that he believed bullies could change. “I teased people all the time when I was in second grade,” he said. “But by third grade, I got my act together. I didn’t like making other people feel bad.”

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