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Tornadoes Strike

STORM DAMAGE A home in Brookville, Ohio, is damaged but still standing after a tornado passed through the area. AP PHOTO/JOHN MINCHILLO

A string of tornadoes hit Indiana and Ohio Monday night. They damaged buildings, toppled trees, and caused injuries. One death has been reported.

The Indiana and Ohio tornadoes were part of a larger system of severe weather that hit the Midwest on May 27. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 14 tornadoes may have touched down in Indiana. Nine hit Ohio.

At least six communities suffered damage, according to the National Weather Service. About 65,000 people were without power in Ohio on Tuesday morning.

Some of the hardest-hit areas were towns outside Dayton, Ohio. In Trotwood, eight miles northwest of Dayton, five busloads of people were taken to an emergency shelter. In Celina, at least 40 homes were destroyed or seriously damaged. Some were lifted off their foundations.

Nan Whaley is Dayton’s mayor. “Our community has been tested before and we have always risen above it,” she said at a news conference Tuesday morning. “I have no doubt we will do so again today.”

Pendleton, Indiana, was also heavily damaged. Many of its roads are still filled with debris. Residents have been urged to stay indoors.

“People are getting antsy. I know they want to get outdoors, and I know they want to see what's going on in the neighborhood,” said Todd Harmeson, who works in emergency management in the area. “But we still have power lines down; we still have hazards out there.”