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Spies in Disguise is an animated science-fiction action movie that follows superspy Lance Sterling. Lance wants to save the world. To do so, he’s forced to rely on help from a young scientist. Things take a surprising turn when Lance is accidentally transformed into a pigeon. Will he still be able to track down the evil villain?

Actress Karen Gillan voices Eyes, who is working to find Lance. TFK Kid Reporter Eshaan Mani asked Gillan how she and her character are similar. “She’s very gangly and very ginger, to start,” Gillan said. “She’s also incredibly enthusiastic about everything she is doing. A little bit nerdy and very Scottish.”

Gillan says one of the best things about the movie is its memorable message. “It’s a spy movie where you’re going after the bad guy,” she says. “But the message of the movie is coming from more of a place of kindness.” Spies in Disguise hits theaters on December 25.